Split Rail Brewing Co.

Little Current, Manitoulin Island - 1964

Small Batch Craft Beer

Split Rail launched with three inaugural products: a distinct, crisp Copper Lager, Amber Ale and a seasonal, locally inspired Hawberry Ale, which incorporates the Island's signature berry, the hawberry.

Split Rail continues to release new products including LoonSong Oats Stout made with Little Current’s LoonSong oats.


Copper Lager - ABV 5% 
Colour: Copper
Aroma: Citrus, floral notes
Flavour: Mild malted barley, smooth hops finish

Amber Ale - ABV 5%
Colour: Warm Amber
Aroma: Slight floral aroma with citrus release
Flavour: Rich malty tones, soft toffee end

Hawberry Ale - ABV 5.1%
Colour: Ruby Amber
Aroma: Earthy, hawberry notes
Flavour: Subtle Hawberry, earthy tartness, mild caramel influence

LoonSong Oats Stout - ABV 4.2%
Colour: Dark black/brown
Aroma: Hints of dark roasted malt and coffee
Flavour: Warm coffee tones, slight vanilla, salted caramel, molasses, with a smooth finish and no lingering bitterness






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